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Financial self-care

Today, personal debt and managing finances today is a top-of-mind issue for many people. Furthermore, in some communities talking about finance is still taboo. People can also feel embarrassed about talking to friends or family about money worries.

If you find yourself concerned about your financial wellness, talking to someone objective in a confidential and neutral setting, can be a very helpful option.

RA Accountants LLP offers a Money Coach service, beyond our traditional accountancy offering, that helps individuals with their personal finances.

RA Money Coach

RA Money Coach, headed by Client Manager Judith Moor, aims to reassure individuals that managing financial challenges such as debt can be resolved with expert advice and supported planning.

We think of Money Coach as similar to a fitness coach – but the focus is on your financial health rather than your physical fitness. The objective is to help retrain your mindset to understand and overcome particular financial situations and to support you by delivering a coherent action plan with the right resources for you achieve it.

Why should you consider a ‘Financial Coach’

The aim of a financial coach is to help you better understand your relationship with money, to make any necessary changes and to provide you with the right support to help you achieve greater control over your finances.

Please note, that a financial coach is not the same as a financial advisor, so they won’t be able to advise you on how to spend your money or offer any other advice of this kind. Instead, they aim to re-establish your relationship with money and to help built a strategy towards your own personal objectives in your situation.

If you, or if you are aware of someone, who may benefit from our new Money Coach offering, we are happy to arrange a discovery call with our specialist, Judith Moor. She will conduct a no-obligation 15-min discussion call to understand your needs and provide you with ideas on how we can assist.

Contact Judith Moor for more information: jm@raaccountants.com 

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